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WDW 2014 April 4

In Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, looking for interesting people shots and other stuff 

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This is all the pictures I've taken of Katie 

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2014 Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K

Most pics taken from the Jefferson Davis memorial at Monument and Davis. 

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VisualAudio at The Camel

Josh, Evan, Thomas and Eliot played a gig at The Camel 

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Walkerton Tavern

Built in 1824-25, the tavern is on the National Register of Historic Places 

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pics taken Christmas Eve 

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Christmas Eve 2013

Debbie's family came over to the house. Luke's first Christmas. 

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Long Weekend Miscellany: Sony RX100 Experiment

I bought a Sony Cybershot RX100, and then returned it, as I couldn't really justify the $600 cost for a point and shoot. It takes great pictures, though. A lot going on this weekend: John, Yvette and the kids came to visit, we went to Hanover FB game, UR Football game, Mom came to visit, Josh made pasta for dinner on Sunday; Chris, Courtney and Luke came by for a visit; Katie's 26th birthday party; Derek came by for a visit; Josh and I built a fire pit. Wow - a lot of stuff. All pics straight from the camera 

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Pine Forest Pavilion

Building a small pavilion down by the pond. It will have a fire pit in the middle section that's recessed. 

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Sunset from My Favorite Bridge

I got there a little late, but it was still beautiful. 

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Sunset pics from all over 

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Night at the Softball Game

The WEAG guys lost a couple of tough ones, but they had a good time. 

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Took some photos of my sister's family 

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Bodie Island Light and Oregon Inlet

We went to check out the fishing boats coming in, and then stopped by to see the newly-renovated Bodie Island light. 

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OBX Vacation 2013

With the Reids, Rexrodes, Ganzerts, and Harrisons 

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LAX Tournament - Day 2

Jake's tournament with Road Warriors 

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LAX Tournament VA Beach - Day 1

We went to VA Beach to watch Jake's team play in a two-day tournament 

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Half a Day at Sandbridge

We met up with John and his family to spend some time on the beach. Didn't spend much time there, though. There was lightning in the distance and the guards cleared the beach. 

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Fishing, Groundhogs, and Rainbows

We took a trip up to see Mom, cut grass, and fish. It rained on us, and we got to see a great double rainbow on the way home. 

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Bridges I've been on, under, over, through and by. 

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Annapolis Lacrosse Trip

Lindsey and I went up to Annapolis for the day to watch Jake play lacrosse, and visit with him and Yvette between games. 

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Katie's new kitten - another foundling 

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Vegas - Headed to Phoenix

On the drive from Grand Canyon to Phoenix to catch a plane home the next morning 

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Vegas - Day 5

One more day at the Grand Canyon, then we headed out to Phoenix for the trip home. 

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Vegas - Dia Cuatro

Leaving Vegas, and driving out to Williams and then Tusayan, just south of the Grand Canyon. Sunset tour to the canyon. 

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Vegas - Day Trois

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and a couple of places on the Strip 

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Vegas - Day 2

Up and down the Strip, in and out of casinos and hotels 

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Vegas - Day One

The nighttime shots were out the window of the limo - driver said we had an hour with the fare, so he took us up and down the strip once before we checked in at Luxor 

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weAcademies Production Rehearsal

A few shots from a tech rehearsal for Heal Our Land 

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Got a New Camera and Lens

Walked around a bit in the park next door to try out my new Canon 6D and 24-105mm lens. 

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An Abandoned Burned Out Building

Near Jennings Ordinary in Nottoway County, VA. 

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Shots taken with my iPhone5 and the Olloclip macro lens. 

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Reid's Sidewalk Cafe

entertaining a cat and a raccoon simultaneously 

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Appomattox National Historical Park

I stopped by on the way home from Mooresville for a 30 minute picture-taking session. 

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H.M.S. Pinafore

A Capitol Opera Richmond production - rehearsals at Bon Air Baptist and St. Matthew's Episcopal - performance at the Henrico Theater 

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Stop on Afton Mountain

It was 34 degrees, and the wind was blowing 30 to 40 MPH. Freezing. 

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We went to the AMF Shrader Lanes and bowled for two hours. Fun, but we're all sore. 

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Christmas 2012 - At our house

Around our house in the morning and for brunch 

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Christmas 2012

Our house, at Mom's, with immediate and extended family. 

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GCN 2012 - First Saturday of Shows

My understudy did my third show. Between that and walking around between shows, I took these 

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GCN 2012 - Monday Show Run-Thru

The understudies did the main roles tonight, so I got to take pictures of the whole show. Out of 650+, these made the cut. I'd have cut more, but wanted folks to see their faces. 

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Thanksgiving 2012

We got together at Randy and Michelle's new house, just down the driveway from Mom's place 

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Richmond Marathon 2012

Lindsey and Debbie ran the half (they finished just after the marathon winner). 

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The James River near Belle Isle

Got down there just before sunset. The colors were gorgeous. 

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Down by the riverside

I saw that that sunset was looking pretty nice and I wasn't too far away, so I ran down to the Huguenot Flatwater for a couple of shots. Wish I could have been on the north side of the river - the sky due west was phenomenal. I caught what I could. 

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A beautiful Fall day

I was up to the Pine Forest to work on some stuff for Mom. I stopped for a minute to get a couple of pictures. 

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Out a Plane Window

Flying just after moonrise, above the clouds, from Orlando to Atlanta 

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Disney World 2012 - Day 2

Epcot in the morning; Boma in Animal Kingdom for dinner, then Hollywood Studios at night (those pics were on iPhone) 

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Disney World 2012 - Day 1

Animal Kingdom in the morning, and Magic Kingdom at night for fireworks 

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Disney World 2012

Debbie, Lindsey, Chris and I went down for three days. 

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Katie and Josh got Married

at Castle Hill Cider in Keswick, VA 

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Glen Allen Day Parade - 2012

It runs right by our front yard every year. This one seemed to be the biggest so far. 

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GCN 2012 - Kickoff

Random shots from around the kickoff of Streets of Gold. 

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More Pictures from a Bridge

Saw the moon rise - looked pretty cool 

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Sunset from a Bridge

Josh and Katie and I went over to the bridge on Mill Road over I295. From our house, the clouds looked spectacular. By the time we got over there, not so much. So, we hung around and took some long exposures against the sunset. 

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Castle Hill Cider

In Keswick, VA; site of Katie and Josh's wedding in September 

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To and From the Horizon

Some more long exposures from the Mill Rd. bridge over I295 in Glen Allen. 

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Red Sky at Night

Great colors in the sky, and some long exposures of the highway 

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Big Dog

One of our menagerie of foundling animals. Lindsey latched onto him at a swim meet at our neighborhood pool in 2002 (?maybe). He was a good-natured doof, and had some serious issues with storms and being alone (something we found out after he destroyed parts of the house). He made his trip over the rainbow bridge on June 18. 

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Squirrel Antics

After gorging himself on bird seed, this squirrel decided to lounge around a bit. 

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What the Low River Revealed

The James River was pretty low at Maidens Landing - I've been there before, but never saw this stuff. 

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Day at Sandbridge

Went down for the day with Debbie, Lindsey and Chris, and Josh and Katie 

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Little Girl and the Gulls

At Sandbridge, a father was helping his little girl feed the gulls. 

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Burkeville Volunteer Fire Department

My aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the Community Room of the fire station, so I took a few minutes to get some photos of the equipment. 

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Up the Blue Ridge

From just east of Troutville, to the Peaks of Otter, down to Glasgow, west to Buena Vista, up 81 to 64, and at Afton Mountain 

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Katie and Josh

Pics from the months leading up to their wedding 

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Plants and sky and such 

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The Landing at Maidens

Stopped by on the way home from NC 

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A Pasture, East of Danville

Noticed it as I drove by, and turned around and went back. The deer skull was up agains the fence, and had been there for quite some time. 

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Win-Mock Farm

Circa 1927, the farm is on the National Register of Historic Places. It's located in Davie County, NC, just a little way off of Interstate 40. I had seen it several times when driving by, and had to figure out how to get there to take some photos. Today was a great day, with a brilliant blue sky 

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Master's Plan 2012 - Tech Act 2

Random shots, when I wasn't on stage. There are others, but these required little or no post-processing 

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A Little Graveyard, Near Chula

I've passed this little cemetery a thousand times over the years. Up until 1990, there was an old church there. Turns out it had been there for 186 years. 

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Stuff I Saw

from all over the place. 

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Sunset from the Perth Road Bridge

This bridge overlooks one of the northeastern sections of Lake Norman, a couple of miles from Mooresville, NC. 

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This guy was eating a bird he caught on the phone cable near Lowe's. Was able to get right underneath of him. Only had my 17-40 lens, but was still able to get pretty sharp shots to crop 

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In Mooresville

Mostly at the Willow Valley Cemetery 

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Lake Norman Sunset

Taken at the public boat ramp on Rt. 150 West of Mooresville 

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Trees and Shadows

Pictures taken in late afternoon at Pine Forest in Nottoway 

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Rockwood House

Our company, Namozine Properties, purchased this property to renovate. Lots of work to get this one in shape, but it's going to be a little gem. It's in a great neighborhood, and is going to make someone a great first home. 

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There something about them. I have to take pictures of them. 

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Bill's Funeral - Gathering at Our House

Family and friends stopped by to visit after the funeral services 

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Bill's Funeral Visitation

at Bliley Funeral Home on Staples Mill 

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Pictures taken during 2012, from all over 

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Orlando 2011

We took a trip to Central Florida to help my 80+ year-old in-laws get down to visit her sister and husband. While we were there, we did the theme-park shuffle at the Disney parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot (which was having their Wine and Food festival). 

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Photo Experiments

Long-exposure shots of burning steel wool and flashlights on the beach at Corolla, NC 

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Pictures taken in 2011 

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OBX Week 2011

At Seadation with family 

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The Transformation

A shot per day of my journey from 257 pounds down to ....(TBD). The idea is to have a time lapse that shows the transformation in a short period of time. The pics are taken from the same spot, with approximately the same clothes and the camera in the same spot every time 

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Belle Isle and Flood Wall

Went down there at dusk with John, Yvette, Haley, Jake, and Josh to take pictures. 

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NYC Trip 2010

The four of us and Mom went up to the city for 3 days. 

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Josh's Leaf Loader

Josh bought a new leaf loader for his lawn care business. This 13HP machine has an impeller with heavy duty blades that reduces the leaves to about 1/12 of their original volume. Thanksgiving morning, I helped him to build a box on his trailer to hold about 300 cubic feet of leaves. He should be able to do several jobs with that much storage. We still have some work to do on the gate on the back of the box, but got a lot done. 

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Beautiful things I've seen this fall 

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stuff i saw today: 11.13.2010

Had a couple of GCN Rehearsals, and went with Lindsey and Josh to the UR-Rhode Island game at Robins Stadium 

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GCN 2010 - All Around

Pictures from various places around WEAG during the preparations for the 2010 version of Glorious Christmas Nights. 

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GCN 2010 - The Ingenious Bandstand Storage Solution

Taking the bandstand, with its myriad electrical and sound connections, apart two times each week is much too time consuming. So, our genius engineer types developed a solution to minimize the amount of time required. The stands and trusses need to be put up and taken down twice per week, but all of the bandstand elements can remained connected. This way, we have the entire stage available for rehearsals during the week. This is very important to the director to be able to place people accurately in their scenes,and have them understand traffic patterns, as a couple of scenes have HUGE numbers of people in them. 

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These are photos I've taken, or modified, with the iPhone app Instagram.  

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GCN 2010 - It Takes a Lot of Faces

Impromptu snapshot portraits of the diversity of characters in Glorious Christmas Nights, a production by the West End Assembly of God in Richmond, VA. All told, there are about 400 people involved in the cast and crew. 

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IW Costume Day

It's hard to focus at work when lots of folks are wearing interesting costumes. 

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Pine Forest - Hornet's Nest

We were power washing the garage, and stumbled across this huge hornet's nest in the back. Luckily, the hornets were gone for the year. Mom thinks they set up camp there because it was so close to a big fig tree right beside the garage. 

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Glen Allen Day Parade

Every year in September, we celebrate Glen Allen Day. It's sponsored by the Ruritans. They have a parade down Mountain Road from the Glen Allen Supermarket to Crump Park. They have a lot of activities for kids and families at the Park. We didn't go to the Park today, because we went to Pine Forest to do some work on Mom's house. We did, however, get to see the parade go by, because it runs right by the house. 

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Master's Plan - Missouri Project

A condensation of the Master's Plan in one act. Performed by Carrie Amburgey, James Opher, me, Kara Laughlin Smith, Abigail Landrum, Heather Tobey, and Katelyn Dalton. Directed by Kathy Craddock, and sound engineering by Leo Cecil. We performed it one time in Joplin, Missouri, for a convention of travel agents. 

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Purple Martins

We watched them roost in the Bradford Pear trees next to the 17th St. Farmers Market 

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Lindsey RMC Swimming Senior Day

Of 14 girls she started with as a Freshman, Lindsey was the only one to stick it out for 4 years. 

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Flying Squirrels National Anthem Audition

They had seat selection day for season ticket holders - 

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all photos for 2010 

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Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary

Their actual anniversary was 12/31/09, but we had the party on 1/1/2010 

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GCN 2009 - No Man's Land

Rehearsals and recording sessions for the 2009 version of Glorious Christmas Nights. No Man's Land is about the Christmas truce between French, English, and German soldiers during WWI.  

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Independence Day 2009 at Pine Forest

Reids and Rices and Nortons got together on the 4th 

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Independence Day 2009 at Pine Forest

Reids and Rices and Nortons got together on the 4th 

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Reid Brothers and Families Reunion

Saturday, June 20, at Coles Point 

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Light Experiments

Was turning out the lights to go to bed, and noticed the way the Dining Room chandelier cast rays through a small opening in the door to the kitchen 

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Glen Allen

Landmarks around our home in Glen Allen, VA 

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Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k

Debbie, Lindsey and Courtney ran the race for the second year. They all improved their times from last year. 

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Pine Forest Cleanup

We went up to Dad's place to clean up some of the pine limbs that were broken off in the snow storm of 3/2 

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brightkite posts

stuff uploaded from my brightkite posts 

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Snow Day! 3/2/2009

Late winter storm gives us the most snow we've had since December of '05 (that was 4") 

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Trees, shadows, bridges and buildings

Taken outside the Dedmon Center at Radford University, along the New River 

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At Fredericksburg, tri meet with U of Mary Washington and Hood College 

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photos taken in 2009 

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GCN 2008 - Random Shots

of the cast and crew of That Would Be a King 

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GCN 2008 - The Scoop

The annual kickoff for the production 

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FedEx Field - Redskins Draft Day 2008

Josh and I went with Greg and Daniel Waters to D.C. to visit FedEx Field for Redskins Draft Day 2008 - we had access to the Club Level with the private suites - nice. 

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Josh's Civic

Josh removing the engine from his Civic to rebuild: new crank, bearings, rings Also, unfortunately, pics of it the day after his accident 

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Photos taken during 2008 

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Josh - work on Civic

Part of Josh's experimenting with his Honda Civic - adding a turbo and new injectors, and a new ecu, etc.  

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Reid Cousins

Ruthie, Max, Sarah, Layne, Macye, Jake, Hailey, Matthew,  

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RMC Swimming

Photos from Lindsey's meets - at various places 

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GCN 2007 - Starlite '65

photos of people, sets, rehearsals, pre-show, backstage, load-in and strike 

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1995 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible

Lindsey's car, up for sale on Craigs List 

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Courtney and Chris Wedding

Pictures taken by Josh and me, May 2007 

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Beach Vacation 2007

Our annual trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We're in Corolla for the 8th or 9th year in a row. l I think this is the 27th consecutive year Debbie and I have been on the Outer Banks for a vacation.  

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Josh's S10 Experiment

Going from lowering the truck by 3" to lifting it 4". 

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Childhood Neighborhood

the neighborhood where my parents had an apartment, and the church (well, the land, anyway - the church has been sold and torn down) where we attended until I was in my teens. 

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Matter - Unedited

2007 WEAG youth production 

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Trip Back from Hatteras

pics on the way back from Courtney and Chris' wedding in Hatteras, NC. All the pictures before this were part of the wedding shoot, on Josh's gear 

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Trip to Ironworks DC Office

Went up to Tyson's Corner to do some Ektron CMS training for the staff of IDSA 

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Down by the James River

Josh and I went down to the Pony Pasture on the James River. It was near dark, and we wanted to catch a look at the sunset - missed that, but the colors on the water were nice. He showed me the rope swing that they have used before when they were there with their friends 

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April Snow!

We finally got more than a dusting of snow, but it came on April 7. Didn't last long, through - by noon it was pretty much melted. 

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Stuff related to Ironworks 

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Around the House

Pics of the kids, pets, the house, Josh working on his truck, Glen Allen, etc. 

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We traveled to several cities in Slovakia with a choir from West End Assembly of God. We did concerts in Bratislava, Zilina, Proprad, and Kosice. We took side trips to visit Spissky Hrad, a castle that dates from the 8th century, and Lomnicky Stit, an 8600 foot mountain, in the High Tatras near the border with Poland. 

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Hunting with Dad and John

2005, I think - this was the first time in more than 10 years that John and I and Dad had hunted together. We got to hunt on a piece of private land just south of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Augusta County, VA, north of the North Fork of the Tye River 

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Orlando 2004

Deb, Lindsey, Josh, and I went to Disney World, Sea World and MGM in December (15-22) 2004 with in-laws Bill and Doris, Lisa Hinton and Philip, and Chris Hinton and Courtney Salyers, and Carey Hinton. 

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Outer Banks 2004

Vacation with the whole Reid clan, in from Tulsa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Richmond, and Crewe (VA) 

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From our extensive menagerie of foundling animals... 

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Lindsey Birthday and Swim

Mix of pictures from ?2004 

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Meet on the Hill in Durham, NC - May of 2005 

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Dad's House

Mom and Dad built their retirement home in Nottoway County, VA (about 2 miles from Crewe, and 55 miles southwest of Richmond). It's on part of my grandfather's old farm. There's also some pictures in here of the rest of the farm: my grandpa Johnnie's house, and my great-grandpa Amos Rice's house (which is now pretty much overgrown with trees and brush). 

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Brazil Mission Trip

Lindsey and Josh went with some of the youth from WEAG to Brazil to help Roberto Pena build a technical school in Sao Paolo 

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