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Just call us your fairy godmother… 

We know that your daughter is a princess.

She is sweet, loving, kind, beautiful, and has the perfect-shaped head for a crown. (By the way, that makes you a queen, right? A title you have absolutely earned and are happy to accept.)

We know that your little princess deserves to be celebrated every single day, and her birthday is no exception.

But we also know that the thought of throwing a party worthy of royalty is a completely overwhelming one.  Your head swims with images of princess themes, to-do lists, streamers, party favors, DIY projects…it looks like Pinterest threw up in your brain.

Where are those singing birds and mice when you need them?!  You already have a thousand things on your plate, and in the back of your mind, you cringe as you picture the party aftermath – all your painstaking gift wrapping, late-night hot glue gun near-catastrophes, and carefully thought out decorations being stuffed into the largest trash bag you can find along with the goldfish that somehow ended up all over the house – all as you wonder if your sweet little even enjoyed herself…oh no.

Please don’t cry.

Invite one of our princesses to visit your little princess – allow us to help you create a birthday or celebration that is enchanting, mesmerizing, and magical.

In a word – unforgettable. 

Don’t let the weight of creating the perfect experience fall solely on your shoulders.  Just sit back and watch your little one’s eyes light up and their favorite royal enchants them with story, song, and all the love and hugs she can handle!  It may not be your birthday, but your wish is about to come true.