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One response to “Well. That’s One Way to Silence Dissent on “Global Warming””

  1. MulroyBay

    Are you sure he wasn’t removed from the UN and stripped of his credentials for sneaking into someone else’s seat and then using the microphone to put forward his controversial views? Would you feel the same if Chris Matthews slipped into Chris Ryan’s seat and started a rant about how the Republican budget was a tissue of falsehoods?

    There are many problems with Monckton’s climate change denial….here is a pretty devastating takedown of a single speech the Viscount made… Although it does not directly impact the credibility of his scientific conclusions, it is fair to not that Monckton is not, as he has represented himself, a member of the House of Lords.

    The flaw in his argument is pretty obvious. Why 16 years? Is that long enough to determine a clear trendline? What happens if you look at the past 25 years, or the past 50? The problem, from a climate change denial standpoint, is that the longer the timeline, the more difficult it is to pick out an outlier warm year in the past to make the line come out straight. (It is child’s play to do it in shorter time periods.) The belief that each year is warmer than the last is a distortion of what science predicts, a series of warm years and cold years with the global temperature increasing on average.

    The fact of global warming is established. What is open to debate at the margins is the degree of human contribution through release of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, the buffering effects of various carbon sinks, and the effectiveness of models in predicting long term climate effects.

    While the territory is getting harder to maintain against what seems to be a rising tide of evidence. (You don’t hear Mann’s “hockey stick” mocked much anymore… for good reason) there are smart, intellectually respectable climate skeptics. Monckton isn’t one of them.

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