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One response to “Welcome to the New Normal: High Unemployment to Stay Thanks to Obamacare”

  1. MulroyBay

    These companies are impacted because they have low wage/benefit-less workers in an environment where medical benefits are typically provided by insurers. It is a bit pejorative to call them bottom-feeders because they hire those who need a job badly enough to take the risk of needing healthcare. Of course if their employees do get sick, they are cared for at, ultimately, our expense. (Assuming they can not pay a few tens of thousands of dollars for undiscounted treatment is they have an accident while delivering pizza that requires hospitalization.)

    Romney, and others, called those people without coverage who depended on emergency services “free riders.” The term implies parasitism. What do you call someone who builds their business on free riders?

    Single payer would have been more sensible, and better for business… especially international companies who have to build benefits into their pricing when going up against world competitors who do not have that cost of goods. (And their health care is less expensive by far.)

    Of course it would not be better for Papa John. You can’t beat free, especially if someone else is paying for it.

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