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One response to “Are We Doomed Now? I’d Like to Think Not”

  1. MulroyBay

    I agree. Weep and gnash, but make it snappy. Nobody- least of all American voters- likes a sore loser.

    The fall in the stock market owes as much- or more- to the German statements about European growth as it does to the Obama win. (There may have been a run-up in the days before the election due to irrational exuberance about a Romney victory that was erased, but that was less than 100 points according to most of the experts.)

    Something to cheer you up a bit… The future doesn’t have to be the past. (The collapse of 2008 demonstrated that.) The economy has been on a long-term path to recovery. At least 2/3 of the Senate did not have to worry about doing anything for the past year, so senior members of both party have had some time to work out ideas for the fiscal cliff.

    Sure this was a cynical campaign. They all are. Most of the time a toxic primary campaign weakens the challenger and this time was no exception. (Obama in 2008 was an exception to the rule. You can call him inexperienced at leadership… although that charge must be running thin… but he has always excelled at assembling a disciplined political campaign with an extraordinarily strong ground game. The offices in Ohio from the 2008 primary have never totally closed.)

    The negative impacts of the cynicism rebounded on Romney. The worst of the Bain charges came from Gingrich- O just reminded people of them. Romney’s awful statements about the 47% fixed them in voter’s minds. HIs Hail Mary charge that Jeep was moving American jobs to China was called out by corporate leaders. When some of the country’s largest corporations are calling you a liar in a state where they directly or indirectly control the economy, you are well and truly screwed. (Nobody cares if the ad was merely “cleverly worded” rather than a bald faced lie. Especially when, in the heat of battle, you mistakenly delivered the lie yourself in front of the cameras. Disciplined campaigners use teleprompters for a reason in the age of Makaka.)

    There are bright days ahead for America. Dark days too. That is the way history works. As for Stacey McCain…. never write anything when you are mad or depressed. Your attitude will change, and that hot moment of weakness will be still be sitting there glowing weeks, months and years later.

    Revenge – to use another ineffective last minute catchword- is best served cold. Also good at room temperature: any kind of analysis that is not intended as an emotional snapshot.

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