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One response to “Promise Broken: “If You Make Less than $250,000…””

  1. MulroyBay

    Signing an increase in cigarette taxes is a (technically) broken promise. Understandably, citing specific tax raised is buried near the end of the first paragraph. Better to trumpet the oath-breaking and soft-pedal the carcinogenic cause.

    A candidate makes an exaggerated promise? My stars and garters! At some point conservatives are going to have to recognize that Obama is just a politician, not the savior nor the Antichrist. “Read my lips” as Bush I famously pronounced; not everything a politician says is true.

    So much of the campaign has been about out of context snippets, from “you didn’t build that” to “redistribution.” At least this tax increase is (technically) an actual issue, even if it is one that an insignificant portion of the undecided population particularly cares about. It makes a good headline, if anyone is paying superficial attention. But the Romney campaign is getting itself into a “boy who cried wolf conundrum.” Even if there is an October surprise, so much credibility has been lost that it’s impact will be diminished by all the b.s. that came before.

    This could have been a great, courageous, defining election. Instead it is a one-sided battle of trivialities with the leading side just sitting back and coasting. Perhaps it will turn around, but the down-ticket candidates are starting to distance themselves from the top.

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