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One response to “Too Incompetent or Lazy to Get ID? You Don’t Deserve to Vote.”

  1. Segpm08060

    My mother lives in PA.  She is also 93.  She was born in Richland County, South Carolina in 1918.  She was born at home. There is no birth certificate.  I have used a copy of the 1920 census report to prove her birth, but since 9/11, it is no longer accepted by anyone.  She is not lazy or incompetent.  She was born at a time when women did not have the right to vote.  She lived during the time of Jim Crow laws that suppressed her right to vote and now in 2012, after 93 years in this country she can not vote. I think some people are too lazy and ignorant of the facts and issues that are facing some American citizens in getting IDs.  They rather demonize the victim and hide behind the baseless fear of voter fraud. 

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