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3 responses to “More on the Murder of Jose Guerena: 71 Shots”

  1. Magichands0316

    Another COVER UP by POLICE to try and justify killing an innocent MEXICAN man. If this was  WHITE man and NO WITNESS they might have done the same thing but that is a big IF!
    If MEXICAN men shot a COP in defending his family and himself the POLICE will ALWAYS cover it up because they will get sued! And the POLICE just can handle taking the responsibilty and MAN UP to their mistakes! The HELL the COPS and the DA! An eye for an eye, life for  LIFE!
    Take them to Court and make the POLICE take responsibility!

  2. Update on the Jose Guerena Case | marfdrat

    [...] addthis_options = "google_plusone";I’ve posted previously (here, here, and here) about the senseless killing of Jose Guerena by the Pima County Sheriff’s [...]

  3. Wind

    Please demand justice for him and his family:

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