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10 responses to “Johann’s Sweet-Hot Pepper Relish – How do you make that stuff?”

  1. Ds

    sounds good I’m gonna try it today. I have an overload of tomatoes would your mom happen to have any good recipes and suggestions for canning tomatoes besides canning whole tomatoes, salsa and spaghetti sauce? I’d take any easy steps/hints/suggestions for canning tomatoes too if she has any. btw I love how you documented this process with your mom! very nice idea, wish I’d have done the same with my mom. nice job.

  2. CSA Harvest #13 : Sept 17 & 19 | Swier Family Farm

    [...] sweet-hot pepper relish recipe [...]

  3. marfdrat

    Awesome. Fire roasting the chiles sounds like a great idea. Let me know how it ended up tasting.

  4. Tim_Parker_999

    Thanks, I just made a batch & they all sealed. I used New Mexico “Hatch” chiles that were on sale for 99 cents a pound, I fire roasted them & the onions on the grill, removed the skins & seeds then put thru the grinder. . .smells great!

  5. marfdrat

    Tim – no, so long as you put the relish in the jars while it’s still hot, and add the lids then, it seals them with a vacuum as they cool. We’ve opened some up two years later, and it’s just fine.

  6. Tim_Parker_999

    This doesn’t have to be processed in a canner?

  7. marfdrat

    Gigi – just click on the recipe link at the top or the bottom of the instructions on this post, or click here

  8. Gigi66

    How do i get the recipe for the hot pepper relish??

  9. marfdrat

    It keeps just fine in the pantry, for at least a year (though I bet you’ll eat it all long before that). Once you’ve opened it, keep it in the fridge.

  10. Njakicic

    Thanks for the recipe.  Do you keep the finish product in the refrig or can it be left on the pantry shelf. Please advise

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